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The healing work we do is supported  by Archangels Raphael, Micheal and Hamied

who attend to the spiritual needs of each client while "spirit doctors" work on the "energy body"

to bring about changes that will manifest physically. The resources of the Universe are drawn upon

to bring you into alignment with your Spiritual Plan and Purpose, wherever you are in the world.

There are four main requirements to enhance your healing outcome which we have determined by

research of those people who have achieved miracle healings [usually explained away as "spontaneous

remissions" by the medical profession].

1. Accepting that there is a Source of Healing.

2. Accepting that your thinking has contributed to your current situation but that it can change, when you do.

3. You are ready to reinvent yourself as healed

4. You are ready to do 'what it takes' for the healing to be accepted.


If you are ready for healing, send an email to with "Angel Healing" as the subject. 

The healing session takes you to a virtual Healing Sanctuary where you will be attended by angels and benevolent light beings,

of course it is a dream to have a real Healing Sanctuary here south of Perth, we have made the intention and await its fulfillment.

There will be a series on specialised healing events for specific illnesses such as diabetes, depression, cancer etc where anyone having

those illnesses, anywhere in the world, will be able to participate. Previous group healing events have brought about amazing results

for most people who completed the preparations and joined the event.

*ANGYLION means a gathering of angels


This is a shamanic-style 'journey' which enables you to clear negative karmic, genetic and multi-generational ties, gain protection and visit sacred sites
where you may receive guidance on your life-path or current issues. An enthusiastic 'traveller' from East Coast America said "HOLY CRAP!!! That
was the coolest journey I have ever experienced." 
This is a remote process with an energy exchange of $50 Australian, make initial contact to with Magic Carpet in the subject


angel calling card

Healing Testimonial

21 Feb 2012

Hello Ken,

Thank you for your response.

I have just had a CT scan which shows a 1 and 1/2" tumour in my bowel. I am yet to have a colonoscopy and biopsy to diagnose it, but I am hoping that a remote session with you will facilitate a positive effect on my spirit, mind and of course body.

2 March 2012

Hi Ken,

Thank you for the session, my pain has not returned since it first stopped and yesterday I noticed that the internal feeling of red rawness I usually have in my stomach area is also decreasing. I have also lost 2 kg over the last 2 days.

I am due to have my colonoscopy and endoscopy on the 14th of March and feel certain that everything will be fine.

14 March 2012
I have just returned from the hospital and am extremely excited to report that there was definitely no sign of any tumour (although it was clearly on the X ray) and no sign of cancer, when I had my colonoscopy yesterday.
16 March 2012
Hi Ken,

Of course you may use my experience as a testimonial for your work. As I mentioned earlier, I started experiencing positive changes 2 days after making contact with you, well before we had the session and have already recommended you to other people, as a result of those initial changes and have updated everyone on my final outcome too.



Again thank you so very much for your assistance.


 "Transformation" - revealed healing symbol

Disclaimer: We do not offer medical diagnosis or treatment. Results are not guaranteed. If you are currently receiving medical attention do not vary it without reference to the person who prescribed it.

We are one with the Universe



Thanks to our great mates at for their continued support